Monday, October 27, 2014

T-Dose event in Eindhoven

Last Saturday and Sunday, I went to the T-Dose event, manning a booth with my good friend Tim Maks van den Broek.

I met a lot of of smart and interesting people:
  • Someone with an NFC chip in his hand! I was able to import his contact details into my FirefoxOS phone by keeping it close to his hand. Very funny to see, but it also felt weird.
  • Bram Moolenaar (VIM author! Note to self, never complain about software in front of people you don't know)
  • Some crazy enthusiastic people about Perl and more specifically, Perl 6. They even brought a camel! (ok, not a live one)

Often asked questions during the event

Where can I phone with FirefoxOS? What price? 
The only phone that you can buy online in the Netherlands, that is getting the latest updates, is the Flame device. You can order it on More information on Mozilla Developer Network. Because the phone will be shipped outside of the EU, import duties will be charged, which are probably somewhere around €40.
Can I put Firefox OS on my Android device?
On MDN, there are a couple of devices mentioned, but I wouldn't know how well that works.
Is there a backup tool to backup on your desktop computer?
As far as I know, there is no backup software on the desktop computer, that would be able to make a backup of your Firefox OS phone. I know there is a command line tool from Taiwan QA that allows you to backup  and restore your profile.
Does Whatsapp work on it?
There is no official Whatsapp, but there is an app called ConnectA2, that allows you to connect with your Whatsapp contacts. I haven't used it, but Tim Maks told me it works reasonably well.

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