Monday, October 27, 2014

Issues for a first time user, using the Flame phone in the Netherlands

While I attended the T-Dose event, one guy approached me, who had bought the Flame device. He had some issues with the phone.

First, he tried to update the device to Firefox OS 2.1, but he got stuck in the boot loader. We managed to update the base image to 1.80 and then we updated the phone to Firefox OS 2.1.

Then, we advised him to use English in the setup process, because with the Dutch lanaguage the virtual keyboard doesn't work currently.

After going through the First Time User Wizard, he noticed how the time was off a couple of hours and the date with a couple of days. Apparently, this is bug 1032101 and bug 1048154.

Even though his phone's date was only a few days off, this caused somehow the Marketplace app to not load at all. He would only get a blank page, wit a "x" in there. It took us a while to find out that the wrong time and date was the cause of that issue. There is bug 1077628 that seems to handle about this.

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