Thursday, August 21, 2014

Status 2014-08-21

  • Patch for bug 1051791, makes errors in mochitest popup windows also report test failures automatically
  • All dependancies are fixed now, patch for bug 1032878 ready for review, enforces subresults to be called before SimpleTest.finish() (sheriffing-p1)
  • Initial patch for bug 1025055 - Steeplechase should take app packages as arguments, unpack them on clients. Only works on Linux, uses hardcoded stuff (need to talk with drno, geo or syd if this is the way to go, actually)
  • One And Done task created, I have ideas for 3 more (bug 744387, bug 951272, 1056851)
  • Send some rough instructions (unfortunately, the problems with setting up, I didn't write down, because I was too busy figuring out how to fix those, at the time) on how to set up MarionetteJS tests and Gaia UI tests to Geo and Richard. MarionetteJS tests can only be run on desktop, atm, btw. We need better documentation about this on MDN.
  • On request of developer, filed bug 1055579 and tried to get a minimized mochitest for him.
  • Volunteered for work on migrating QMO docs to MDN, see etherpad QMO-Docs-ChrisMills and MDN documentation plan, will attend meeting at Thursday, August 21 - 11 AM Pacific. 

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